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easy violin songsAs a beginner violinist, chances are you’re eager to play fun violin songs that will show off your new violin techniques and skills. While playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is fun, you want to play beginner violin songs that are more popular.

Luckily, there are plenty of easy violin songs to choose from, many of which you might already know. Before you jump into learning these easy violin songs, however, it’s important to remember that the most impressive violin performances come from lots of practice.

Your violin practice sessions should be spent studying the key signatures, notes, rhythms, and bowings. If you can find an existing recording of the easy violin song, it’s a great idea to play along with it to listen for things like good intonation and rhythm.

Below are 15 easy violin songs in pop, rock and classical styles that will make you sound impressive.

Easy Violin Songs: Pop

If you’re looking for some easy violin pop songs to impress your friends, check out the five best violin songs below. While they might not sound like beginner violin songs, these songs are fairly easy to master with some practice.

Best Day of My Life

The verse can be tricky if you use the open A string for the F# to A pattern. Try using your fourth finger for A to see if that helps (it’s also a good fourth finger exercise). Really jump off the staccato notes to create excitement and bounce in this piece.

Over The Rainbow

The opening octave in the first measure (low C to high C) is tricky because you have to cross over the D string when going from the G string to the A string. Practice the string crossing first on open strings before you try adding the fingers.

All About That Bass

If you know the lyrics to this song, definitely sing along as you play as it will help you with the syncopated rhythms. For the Bb to B natural change in the first measure, it’s alright to have an audible slide as that will mimic the vocal line.

A Whole New World

In this song, the syncopated and quarter note triplet rhythms can be confusing at first. Try playing along with a recording of the song to see if you can hear how those rhythms are played. You can even sing along while you play if that helps.

Old Joe Clark

This fiddle tune sounds impressive when you play it fast, but it’s not very difficult because of all the repeated notes. Practice the rhythmic pattern on open strings first to make sure you feel it in your bow arm, then add the written notes. .

Easy Violin Songs: Rock

Are you ready to rock out with these easy violin rock songs? These beginner violin songs are sure to wow your audience. Use the simple tips provided below to help you perfect these rockin’ violin songs.

Another One Bites The Dust (John Deacon)

The 16th notes in this song are tricky, but if you spend some time counting and clapping the rhythm, you’ll know it cold. You could also practice singing the lyrics, as they have the rhythm built into them.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Watch out for the key change and time signature change in this piece. The feel of the music changes when going from 3/4 to 4/4, so try clapping the two meters first, making an accent on the first beat of each measure.

She Loves You (The Beatles)

This is a fast song, but don’t try to play it fast right away. For the syncopated sections, try counting and clapping them first to make sure you understand the rhythm. It’s ok to clap them slowly at first and then work up the speed over a bunch of repetitions.

Stairway To Heaven

In the opening section, use fourth finger for the high E (instead of the E string) because you don’t have any notes higher than E. Practice those G to A slurs to make sure your bow arm is creating the slur cleanly between the D and A strings.

Hotel California

In the verse, the rhythm for each phrase can be slightly different. If you’re just playing for fun, don’t be afraid to simplify the rhythms a bit, or repeat just one verse. In the chorus, try to mimic the vocal echo on “such a lovely place” and “any time of year” by playing the first time loud and the second time soft.

Easy Violin Songs: Classical

These easy classical violin songs are perfect for your first violin performance. Not only do these beginner violin songs sound beautiful, but they are fairly easy to perfect. Again, use the helpful tips below to guide you throughout your practice.

Minuet 2, Bach

The opening arpeggio in this piece sounds impressive if you can play it cleanly. Practice it slowly first to feel where the bow changes strings. If you move your bow arm too much, you’ll overshoot the A string on your way to the E string.

Hunter’s Chorus, Carl Maria von Weber

Have fun with the 16th notes in this piece. They add excitement and vitality to the song. The string changes on the 16th notes are tricky to line with your left hand fingers, so be sure to practice them slowly at first. Really dig into the accents in the second half of the piece.

Fanfare Minuet

The repeated notes in this song let you play faster than in other songs. Challenge yourself to play all the eighth notes cleanly, and to make distinct accents.

Morning Has Broken

The three-note slurs in this piece can be tricky, especially the ones that include string changes. Isolate the parts of the slurs that are hardest and make a little exercise for yourself that you can do as part of your warm up.

What Child Is This

This is a great song to practice legato playing, as well a playing with two flats. Remember to use your fourth finger on the A string to play the high Eb’s.

Playing the violin should be fun, so learn easy violin music that is appealing to you. Once you’ve practiced hard and learned a new song, share it with family and friends by making a video or audio recording.

Post Author: Julie P.
Julie P. teaches flute, clarinet, music theory, and saxophone lessons in Brooklyn, NY. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Ithaca College and her Masters in Music Performance from New Jersey City University. Learn more about Julie here!
Best Day of My Life (Official Music Video)
Best Day of My Life (Official Music Video)
Best Day of My Life - American Authors - PIANO COVER
Best Day of My Life - American Authors - PIANO COVER
Kidz Bop Kids Best Day Of My Life Official Music Video
Kidz Bop Kids Best Day Of My Life Official Music Video
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