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Whether you're an African American accountant, attorney or astrophysicist, there's probably a related professional organization. Joining an association can provide education in your field, networking opportunities and advocacy - all with a focus on issues important to African Americans. Find the right one for you by checking out this list of 21 of the largest and oldest national groups:


  • Organized in 1975. More than 40 chapters. Open to African Americans in data processing and related fields.
  • Founded in 1969. Goal is to represent the than 200, 000 African American professionals in accounting and finance.
  • A national organization of human resource professionals with 36 local chapters; includes consultants and students.
  • A self-help resource and networking group founded in 1993 that provides businesspeople with information, products, services and technologies.
  • A 8, 000-member professional organization made up of African American graduates with MBAs and advanced degrees. Established in 1970, its mission is to increase the number and diversity of African Americans in business.
  • An association of African American sales and sales management professionals. Organized in 1992, with more than 2, 000 members in 16 chapters.


  • Comprised of 10, 000 design professionals in visual communications, as well as graphic, interior, fashion and industrial design.

Engineering and Science

  • Founded in 1977; 36 chapters. Specialties include energy policy, technology and the environment.
  • Organized in 1972 to build a community of minority scientists and engineers; 39 professional and university chapters.
  • National Society of Black Engineers: Started in 1975, it now has more than 35, 700 members, more than 390 college, precollege and technical professional chapters nationwide and overseas. The group's mission is to increase the number of African American engineers, as well as help them succeed professionally and to give back to their communities.
  • The largest organization of African American physicists; 16 sections ranging from astronomy, astrophysics and nuclear physics to technology transfer, business development and entrepreneurship. Its mission is to promote the professional well-being of African American physicists within the international scientific community.

Food Services

  • Incorporated as the Black Culinarian Alliance in 1998 and now known by its acronym. A national educational and networking organization that serves African American and other minority professionals working in hospitality and food services.


  • Founded in 1963; now 110-plus chapters with more than 10, 000 members. Its mission includes leadership, mentoring, education, health and economic development.
Black People Are Not African Americans
Black People Are Not African Americans
Read ‪African-American Writers (A to Z of African
Read ‪African-American Writers (A to Z of African ...
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