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To remove a book from your shelf, click on the My Books link at the top of Goodreads, make sure you are on the 'table' view (an option underneath the "My Books" search bar), then click the "x" to the right of the book you'd like to remove. You can also click on the book, click 'edit my review', then click 'remove from my books' at the very bottom of the page.

When a book is removed from your shelves, it will also delete your review.

Each author name is unique and has its own profile. Sometimes various data sources use slightly different spellings of an author name (e.g. JK Rowling vs J.K. Rowling vs Joanne Kathleen Rowling). To merge two author profiles, edit the data for the profile that should be discarded, and change the name to be the exact same spelling (copy/pasting helps here) of the profile that it should be merged into. All books will be associated with the new author. If there is doubt as to the correct spelling, we recommend checking The Library of Congress.

Librarians can only merge unclaimed author profiles. To merge a Goodreads Author profile, request staff assistance by posting in this thread. It’s especially important to do this when there are fans or quotes attributed to the unclaimed author account. Renaming the author on each book page will not merge the profiles; it will only move the book to the correct profile and leave the other profile intact on the site. Merging the profiles will also merge quotes and fans.

Occasionally you may come across an author profile that encompasses two or more authors of the same name. In order to separate these authors and their respective books you will need to identify which books belong to which author. Once you have, leave one author alone and for the second, go into the edit page of each of their books and add an additional space between their first and last name.

This will create a new author profile for the second author.

If by chance there is a third author of the same name (which has happened), simply add a third space between the author's first and last name.


When separating authors with middle initials in their names, please place additional spaces after the middle initial:


Note: The ^ = 1 space and is just used to demonstrate the number of spaces. Also please note that any new books by the authors of that name will be entered into the main profile by default. They will have to be edited once they are added to Goodreads to shift them to the right profile.

Also Note: If an author has a common name, they may choose to differentiate their names from other authors in the database in other ways. Acceptable options include:

* inserting a middle initial or middle name
* lengthening a first initial to a full first name

These minor changes are accepted practice for ease of maintaining accurate book lists on each author profile.

The rules for combining book editions are listed below, and are also posted on the right side of the combine page for each author. These rules have been decided as a collaborative effort between the Goodreads staff and the members in the Goodreads Librarians group.

do combine:

  • Different publications of the same book.
  • Different formats of the book (hardcover, paperback, audio).
  • Editions/translations of the book in other languages. Even though many translations differ significantly, we've made the decision to combine them all, and have people note the differences in their reviews.

  • don't combine:
  • 2-in-1 books or boxed sets that include the given book.
  • Cliff notes or other works about the given book.
  • Adaptations. The book should remain separated from its parent work, with the adaptor listed as primary author.

Goodreads currently allows up to 50 authors per book. Authors should be listed in the order they appear on the book cover. If there is no cover or covers of various editions differ, use alphabetical order.

For compilations that include both editors and authors, please list the editors first and then other contributors.

Please note that editors should only be added for records like anthologies and reference materials. Novels and other works of fiction should not have editors listed.

To reset a lost password, click sign in, and then click on forgot password. Enter your email address and your password will be emailed to you.

The Goodreads Author Program is designed for published authors to have a presence on Goodreads. Goodreads Authors can connect with fans, add excerpts of their writing, post upcoming events, and add photos and videos of themselves.

In order to join our Author Program, you must have your books listed on Goodreads. If you can't find them by an ISBN search, you must manually add your books to Goodreads (advanced search => manually add). This option is only available to those with 20 books or more shelved. If you don't have enough books, please contact us in support and we'd be happy to help.

Please check the librarian changelogs of both suspected duplicates before merging to determine if either cover has been deleted/replaced against Goodreads policies. If you have any questions about whether an edition falls into this category, please post a new thread in the Librarians Group.​

If a particular edition is listed twice, it is appropriate to merge the two entries into one. Please do not delete an edition of a book just because it does not have an ISBN. Some older books that members manually add will not have ISBNs. Please check carefully and err on the side of not deleting a book edition.

Note that merging two editions deletes the less popular edition and merges all reviews into the more popular edition. This is different from combining editions, which is where you can mark one version of a book as the same as another.

When you find a duplicate and you know which edition it was meant to be, this is how to merge that duplicate with the actual edition:

1. Separate the duplicate and its actual edition from any other editions of that book.
2. Combine them just with each other.
3. Click 'delete this book' at the bottom of the edit book page. Note that this only works for books shelved fewer than five times. It will merge with its actual edition because this is the most popular (only) other edition available in that combination.

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